British Restaurant in Falmouth, Cornwall

Tapas / Starters Menu

Prawn Cocktail – £5.75
Fresh prawns coated in a marie rose sauce

½ Pt Shell on Prawns – £5.45
Shell on prawns, served with Marie Rose dip

Oriental Prawns – £5.75
Tiger prawns wrapped in filo pastry with a marie rose dip

Trio of the above prawns  – £14.75

Tandoori Chicken Kebabs – £5.75
Tandoori seasoned chicken, onions & pepper, served with a lime and sour cream dip

Chicken Samosas – £5.75
Served with a chive infused sour cream dip

Both of the above chicken – £10.45

Garlic Mushrooms (v) – £5.75
Breadcrumbed mushrooms served with garlic mayonnaise

Pork & Mango Pate – £5.75
Course pate served with melba toast

Mixed Olives & Balsamic (v) – £4.45
Mixed olives, balsamic & fresh bread

Sweet Pepperdew Peppers – £4.25
Sweet peppers filled with cream cheese, marinated in olive oil

Loaded Garlic Bread (v) – £3.95
Crusty bread smothered in garlic butter and pesto; grilled with sliced tomato and cheese

Garlic Bread (v) – £2.95

Garlic Bread with Cheese (v) – £3.45

Green Salad (v) – £3.95
Selection of fresh lettuce leafs, cucumber & tomato salad